Helpful Resources For Small Business Owners

Knackert Media is dedicated in assisting small business owners, because that's who we are as well. There are many moving parts to every business, and the most overlooked aspect is an investment in marketing and advertising. This page is an assortment of ways to assist you when it comes to building your world wide web presence and a little insight on tools and services you may require.

Social Media

Having social media sites is a great addition to your regular home website to tie everything together. It's a free way to attract a broader audience and also post related updates, services, products and anything else to a larger audience. Some social media sites have premium features or offer advertising as well. Learn more about the different social media websites and create a profile on the relevant sites of your choosing.

Posting Your Business

So you have your business and a website. The next step is it generate traffic to your website. Many users find businesses through other popular third-party websites, for example Yelp. In most cases you can post your business for free. Many of these websites also have premium features to make your business stand out by subscribing to their service.

About Affiliates

Did you ever notice that many business websites advertise other businesses as well? Not only does this assist in offering another company an opporunity to gain a client or make a sale, but it also means money in your pocket as well. The long and short of it is this; when someone goes through your website, clicks a third-party link and that user makes a purchase of products or services, you get paid a commission. You can find affiliate links at the bottom of most major website companies like Amazon, Google, GoDaddy and a multitude more. *Please note - If you plan to do this on your own, keep in mind that it will require skills in web development to add these components to your website. Knackert Media always provides this service.

Forms on Websites

Anytime you want a user to provide you with information, whether you have a newsletter, want to make an inquiry, want to have order pages, create a survey or get feedback in any which way, you will need to create a form. If you're really good with HTML, JavaScript and PHP, you're all set. If not, there are third-party services as well as the services provided by Knackert Media. There are many factors and variables to consider when building these and it can be a touchy operation.

Digital Transactions

This website feature is essential and must be air-tight if you have need to have anything involving a transaction through the internet. Some companies also offer complete E-Commerce (storefront)-type templates to build everything you need. In most cases these companies will take a percentage or monthly fee depending on the best option for your company.

More Resources

Keep checking back for more resources to be added. There is always a need when it comes to custom websites. If there is a feature or widget that you don't see and you know you will need for your site, drop us a line and we can provide more findings from our research.