Facebook is the world’s largest social media site and should be a part of any businesses marketing efforts due to its size and effectiveness. Almost everyone in your target audience is on Facebook. Therefore, every business, regardless of industry, size, focus or approach, should at least have a Facebook business page and remain active with posts and updates.


Total User Accounts:

Advertising Available?
Yes. https://fitsmallbusiness.com/facebook-advertising/

Abundance of users
Design customization
Excellent user engagement: Likes, Share content… online ‘word of mouth’.
Accessible Information
Advertising Platform
Promoted Posts

Must maintain and that can be a timely exercise.
Fan base build can be slow.
Advertising cost can quickly add up.
Liability: Be aware about giving your ‘Voice of the Company’ to an intern.
Reputation Management: Risk of bad and public feedback.
Commitment necessary. Need to post regularly to stay relevant.

What you share:
All types of online content, events, ads, videos

Posting frequency:
3-7 times per week

API (Application Programming Interface) Available?
Yes. https://developers.facebook.com/

Useful features:
Highly customizable. Links back to website and extensive API.