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Services Offered

Graphic Design

This covers the gamet of possibilities. From presentations, photo-editing, illustrations, pagination, typesetting... the list goes on. The creation possibilities are endless.

Website Development

Whether you need to maintain and existing site or build a new one from scratch, we can handle any and all steps on the way to a difference-making internet presence.

Audio & Video Production

We have full production capabilities to film, animate, edit, and produce videos. Additionally, we can edit background audio, provide voiceovers and even add sound effects.

Learning & Development

Let us build you a web-based training module and the supporting classroom materials. Knackert Media is certified in this offering and can even provide a live training session if needed.

Fine Art

The foundations of Knackert Media was built on studio art creations. While it's not as frequent a request, we have commissioned some fine art pieces, primarily focused on stippling/pointilism.

Videography & Photography

Our main place isn't just behind a desk, it's also out in the field. We have the capabilities to do simple, on-location shoots for video and photo capturing requests. For larger projects we coordinate with local top-notch third-party vendors.

Branding/Logo Development

For every business, the logo is the identity and instance sign of recognizability to bring your customers in. Knackert Media specializes in logo and brand identification development incorporating not only the logo, but also the color scheme and fonts for your marketing materials and products.

Website Hosting

So you have a Knackert Media-built website or one of your own and you need a place to host it. Same hundreds and host with Knackert Media. Private email, SSL and other hosting options area available.

Consultation & Coordination

Not all projects are easily organized and some require special timing and planning. Knackert Media is here to handle all of those phases and responsibilities so you don't have to. Get all the results minus the worry.

Business Goals and marketing plans constantly change.

Stay ahead of the race and take advantage of our diverse skillset to propel your business forward!

Client Testimonials

We know that we have a lot to offer. This is what our clients have to say.

Knackert Media LLC, “Makes the seemingly impossible …. very possible”

I have used them on many projects now, some small and some rather large. They have continued to exceed my expectations on every project. I think the big difference is that the owner really listens to what you want and not just what they want to do. They don’t seem to be hampered by creative limitations.

I would highly recommend Knackert Media LLC. To anyone, business, personal, large or small they seem to have the creativity to do it all.

Kevin Strange Host/Producer - Rock N' Roll Grille

Knackert Media has put my business in a higher category above my competition. Its user-friendly interactive style allows my customers to be informed on our business before they even walk through the door. The popularity of our website also drives our Google listing up to the very top! We don't pay Google any extra for this, we just have so much website traffic. Our website has actually given us so much business, we struggle to keep up with it. My customers always compliment us on its looks and ease of use too. They are able to read about services, check prices, book an appointment, send us a message, inquire about bridal services, and even buy instant gift certificates. Without Knackert Media, our young new business would be still be struggling, but instead, we're thriving!!!

Angela Schulz Owner - Rockabetty's Salon & Spa

Being faced with the task of branding our firm was a large undertaking. We spoke with a few large design firms, and none of them gave me us feeling of competency, intimacy and understanding when it came to my project — we felt like we was just another “To do” on their list. This led us to Jeremy, where right from the start it was his goal to get inside our heads and understand what we wanted and needed, and how we wanted to be perceived. After a few back-and-forth discussions, Jeremy went to work, only to come back with a brilliant set of designs. We were happy that he was able to wrap himself around, and understand, our need for a minimalistic, sharp, and professional feel. Additionally, it has been Jeremy pleasure to continually stay in contact with us and assist in any modifications requested. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you.

Chris V Owner - Tax Time AZ

As the owner of a real estate brokerage, I consider myself very fortunate to have come into contact with Jeremy Knackert. He designed and implemented a very large and complex website to replace the mediocre site I originally had. Jeremy is clearly an expert at website design, but he offers so much more...along the way, he solved several other issues I was having, some of which were problems I didn't even know I had. I could not be more pleased with how smooth Jeremy made the entire process for me to understand. He shines in his ability to communicate complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms, and to intuitively view things from a client perspective to maximize added value. Jeremy consistently met or beat work timeline milestones, and he exceeded overall expectations. A+

Ryan Braasch Owner - Boquete Panama Real Estate